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Greg Summers is a nature photographer interested in everything from landscapes to wildlife, flowers and even a few portraits. The area around Boulder, Colorado is his extended studio and provides a bounty of fresh material with each new day. Greg's work has been featured in publications nationwide. He has been featured in both Delta and United Airlines flight magazines, has images in the Yoganonda calendar and numerous photography books, and has won many photography contests.  Read More »

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Buttercup SunriseWater Lilly Meditation
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Flower Photography By Colorado Photos Flowers
Highly detailed fine art images of flowers capture the essence of each blossom represent some of Greg's finest work.
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Mountain Photography By Colorado Photos Mountains
The grandeur, majesty and many moods of our mountain ranges can be felt through Greg's carefully crafted photography.
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Sunrise & Sunset Photography By Colorado Photos Sunrise & Sunset
A photographer who truely can "see the light", Greg's sunrise and sunset photography are spectacular.
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When You SmiledRain Of Color
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Magazines How To – What’s missing

Don’t get me wrong. How’s that a way to begin a blog? I learned a lot from magazine how tos. Typically, these articles take one small facet of photography or a program like Photoshop and concentrate on one aspect. The instructions seem straight forward and easy to follow. Yet, the results aren’t always perfect or even near […]


Words To Clear My View

The most important tools a photographer has are his heart and mind. The camera is a handy companion as are the lenses and all the computers and software which now replacing the darkroom. In order to use ther tools – clear mind and heart allow me to use these tools to see more than I […]



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Enjoy your favorite Colorado Photos images through beautiful artwork in your home or office! Over 700 Of Greg's most popular works are available in a variety of print sizes and formats, as well as dozens of personalized products.
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Office Art

Nature photography by Greg Summers is popular with residential and commercial interior designers. We offer many standard sizes & formats and materials, and are happy to work with designers to produce custom designed images.
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Commercial Art Services

Many Colorado Photos images can be licensed as stock photography for commercial applications such as advertising materials, corporate publications, editorial publications, web sites, etc.
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